Operations Reports: Viewing Summary Reports

The Summary by Shift Report or Daily Activity Report is a report that TrackTik creates automatically, which will compile the activity your employees or users perform during their shift.  The PDF includes Reports filed by the employee, checkpoint scanned, and Watch Mode Recordings.


Follow the steps below to view and work with summary reports.

  1. Select the Operations Reports tab.
  2. Select Summary by Shift. A list of existing shift reports will appear.

The date filter allows you to select preset filters or select a custom range.

The employee filter allows you to view a list of reports by employees.

Employee: The first and last name of the employee

Location: Site or zone with which the report is associated.

Reports: Number of reports filed by the employee during the shift.

Videos: Recorded by the employee during the shift.

Checkpoints: Checkpoints required vs. checkpoints scanned during the shift.

Start: Start date and time of the shift.

End: End date and time of the shift. This field will show the status of the report is presently Open and timestamp if complete.

Tracks: View the employee’s GPS tracks for the shift. 

Download: Download a copy of the shift report.

View: Open the report in the browser.

Actions: You can apply several options to the selected report:

  • Approve All Shift Reports -- all shifts to be approved
  • Send Shift Report by Email -- forward report as an email attachment
  • Delete this shift (Will also delete the time logs) -- Delete the selected shift

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