Remote Options

There are many remote options you can perform from the live dashboard. Access these options by clicking the cell phone icon next to the user.



Options available

Message with Siren: Send a message to a user accompanied by a loud siren or a simple beep. Write your message in the message field and click the Send button.



Remote Speak: Type a message into the message field and click Send to have a computerized voice speak the message on the user's mobile device.



Record Audio: Select this option to record audio on the guard's mobile device. Enter the desired duration in seconds.


Remote Video: Capture video on the guard's mobile device. Enter the number of seconds you would like to record.



Clock Out and Stay Signed In: Use this option to clock the guard out on the mobile device. This option will clock the user out, but the user will remain signed into the mobile application.

If the guard is still in a Runsheet when you send this command, the Runsheet will be closed, and the comment "Close Runsheet by admin" will be left.

clock ot.png


Clock Out and Sign Out: Use this option to clock the user out of the mobile application and sign the user out.

clock out in.png

Android: For the remote option to properly send to a device, the device screen must be on and or not locked

Does not work (iOS limitation)

  • Remote Speak 
  • Record Audio
  • Remote Video
  • Reload Install

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