The History section will show an audit trail of changes and updates made to a site.

  1. Click on the History tab to view the audit history of the site.
  2. Action Type: Filter the list of actions. Select from ASSIGN, CHANGE, CREATE, DELETE, MOVE, UNASSIGN.
  3. Field: Select an option to filter by field. Select from INFO, REGION, USERNAME, PASSWORD, STATUS, SITES, DEPARTMENTS, ZONES, ROLE, QUALIFICATION, and TERMINATION. 
  4. Date: Select a period you would like to audit. 
  5. Filter: Enter a search term to apply an additional filter.
  6. Date: The date of the action.
  7. UserID: The user ID of the person who made the change.
  8. User: Name and employee number of the person who made the change.
  9. Action: The action associated with the change.
  10. Field: The field that was modified.
  11. Original Value: The contents of the field before the change was made.
  12. New Value: The contents of the field after the change.

Export the audit trail data using the Options button.


History does not take into account changes or modifications to the site Schedule, Contracts, or Billing.

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