Setting up and checking Lone Worker signals for TrackTik SHIFT

Learn how to set up and check security guard signals in Lone Worker for TrackTik SHIFT.


The well-being and safety of security guards are a big part of the health and safety of any security operation. To ensure security guards are safe, you can set up Lone Worker and get confirmation of well-being through TrackTik SHIFT.


Setting up Lone Worker for TrackTik SHIFT

Before you can see signals for security guards, you must set up Lone Worker for TrackTik SHIFT:

    1. Ensure you have purchased and turned on Lone Worker through your Customer Service Manager.
    2. Create an active position.
    3. Set up a schedule with the active position.
    4. Set up Lone Worker and schedule Lone Worker check-ins in your TrackTik Portal.
    5. Set up a grace period for Lone Worker.

Lone Worker for TrackTik SHIFT is now turned on.

Getting notifications on all devices

To make the most of Lone Worker for TrackTik SHIFT, we recommend devices not be in battery-optimized modes and to allow notifications:

  • Android
    • Security guards that turn on battery optimization or battery restrictions won’t get Lone Worker signal notifications from TrackTik SHIFT. To turn off battery optimization:
      • Press and hold the SHIFT icon.
      • Select App info.
      • Choose Battery.
      • Select Unrestricted or Not optimized.
    • If you need more help, check out the Help Center of your device manufacturer.
  • iOS
    • Make sure your iOS settings allow for notifications.

Check signals in Lone Worker

To check security guard signals as an admin or manager in your OneTrack portal:

    1. Log into your TrackTik Portal.
    2. Hover over Dashboards.
    3. Select LoneWorker.
    4. Choose Dashboards.

You can check the missed and completed Lone Worker signals in the Attendance Dashboard.

Red means a missed signal.


Green means a completed signal.


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