Set up Lone Worker

Learn how to set up Lone Worker so you can make sure your security guards are safe when they work alone.



Lone Worker is a TrackTik feature that helps you ensure the safety of guards who work alone. Using this feature, guards can regularly signal their presence, indicating they are safe. You can use lone worker in conjunction with TrackTik’s scheduling module.

Note: You must have a schedule already set up to use Lone Worker.


Setting up Lone Worker

Follow the steps below to activate the Lone Worker feature.

  1.  Go to Settings > Features.
  2. Switch the Call-in Punch System toggle to ON.cb611eeb-4323-42c0-a770-28a4f30ecc00.png
  3. Select Configure.
  4. Choose Get another Interactive Phone Number.bb4ad984-edba-4fe8-b745-03c3cf397456.png
  5. Fill in the boxes:
    • For Country
      Enter a country name and select it from the suggestion menu.
    • Search area code digits (US/CA)
      Enter the area code for the call-in number.
    • Default Language
      From the dropdown menu, select the default language of the prompts.
    • Description (Optional)
      Enter an optional name or description for the Lone Worker call-in number.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Select Sites and select View for the site you want to turn on Lone Worker for.
  8. Go to Security & Patrol > On Site Features.
  9. Switch the Lone Worker Mobile toggle to ON. 462c0d4e-db8a-4d5f-894c-0d137668466a.png
  10. You can now see the LoneWorker Setup tab for the site.a04a78ac-4afb-4431-8f6d-b86126eaff55.png
For general settings of Lone Worker, check out Settings: General Settings.


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