Set up Open Shift

Learn how to set up Open Shift, so you can start to use it for your business operations.



To use Open Shift, you need to set it up. It's important to know how to set up Open Shift, so you can start posting shifts for your security officers to take.


Setting up Open Shift

To set up Open Shift:

  1. Log into your Admin Portal.
  2. Go to Sites (Client) and select a site.
  3. Go to Schedules > Prepare.


    At your site, you can also select the Overview tab and then Prepare Schedule.

  4. Switch the TEMPLATE toggle to SCHEDULE.



    Make sure to post Open Shifts in schedule mode, otherwise your security officers won't have access to the shifts.
  5. Select Settings.

  6. From the Enable Open Shifts dropdown menu, select Yes.


    This allows you to choose if you want to use this feature at this site, while also having Open Shift turned on across your company.
  7. Select SAVE.


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