Vehicle Management

Setting Up Vehicle Management

Creating a vehicle profile allows you to create reports related to the vehicle. This allows officers to keep maintenance records for each patrol vehicle.

Follow the steps below to create vehicle profiles.

Hover over the Dashboard menu on the left side panel, select Vehicle Management.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Select Create Vehicle.

Fill in the appropriate fields and Save once completed.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Ownership: Select purchased or leased.

Vehicle ID: Enter the internal ID number of the vehicle.

Make: The make of the vehicle.

Model: The model of the vehicle.

Year: The vehicle year of manufacture.

Acquisition/Lease Date: The date you acquired the vehicle.

License Plate: The license plate number of the vehicle.

License Plate State: Select the state or province of registration.

VIN Number: Enter the vehicle identification number.

Color: Enter the color off the vehicle.

Comments/Notes: Notes about the vehicle.

Picture: Select a picture of the vehicle.

You can edit vehicle information by clicking the View tab and modifying information under the Edit tab as needed.

Under the Information tab, you can view and enter notes and delete the vehicle if needed.

Re-activate A Deleted Vehicle

When you delete a vehicle, it will appear in the deleted vehicles list. At any time, you can always re-active the vehicle if you need to.

  1. Filter the list of patrol vehicles by Inactive.
  2. Select the View button
  1. Click the Edit tab.
  2. Change the status from Inactive to Active.
  3. Click the Save button.

Using Vehicle Management

To use vehicle management, add the vehicle list picker to your report templates.

When the guard fills out the report template, they will be able to select a vehicle from the drop down list.

For more information on filling out reports using the mobile application, please see here.


Administrators can to to the Vehicle Management feature from the dashboard to view reports associated with individual vehicles. Click the View button to do so.

You will see a list of reports under the Reports tab. From here, you can manage Vehicle reports like you can under the Operations Reports tab.

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