Vehicle Management

Manage your fleet and create associated reports directly in TrackTik using Vehicle Management.


Creating a vehicle profile allows you to create reports related to the vehicle and have your team manage maintenance records. Administrators can select the Vehicle Management feature from the dashboard to view reports associated with individual vehicles. 

Create a vehicle profile.

To create a vehicle profile in Vehicle Management:

  • Hover over the Dashboard menu on the left side panel.
  • Choose Vehicle Management.

open vehicle management.png

  • Select Create Vehicle.
  • Complete the relevant fields:
    • Ownership: Select whether the vehicle is purchased or leased.
    • Status: When you create a vehicle, this is Active by default.
    • Vehicle ID: Enter the vehicle's internal ID number.
    • Make: The make of the vehicle.
    • Model: The model of the vehicle.
    • Year: The vehicle's year of manufacture.
    • Acquisition/Lease Date: The date you acquired the vehicle.
    • License Plate: The license plate number of the vehicle.
    • License Plate State: Select the state, province, or region where the vehicle is registered.
    • VIN Number: Enter the vehicle identification number.
    • Color: Enter the color of the vehicle.
    • Comments/Notes: Notes about the vehicle.
    • Picture: Upload an image of the vehicle.
  • Select Save.

Vehicle details.png

Managing your vehicles 

Once you have added vehicles to TrackTik, you will manage them from the Vehicle Management screen. Here, you can filter vehicles by whether they've been purchased or leased, whether they are active or inactive, or search for a particular vehicle. You can also move your vehicles between regions (if your portal supports multiple regions) or view details to edit them.


vehicle management screen.png

To edit vehicle information:

  • Select View to open the vehicle information screen, which includes the vehicle details.

vehicle information screen.png

On the vehicle information screen, you can:

  • Edit your vehicle details
  • Read any associated reports
  • Write notes about the vehicle
  • See any system notes generated about the vehicle


Using Vehicle Management in Mobile Reports

Once you have added to vehicle management, you can include related fields in your report templates. Adding these fields allows mobile users to update information about the vehicle, such as damage or fuel level.


patrol vehicle list for reports.png


When mobile users complete a report containing the patrol vehicle list, the associated information is sent to the vehicle information screen.

To get you started, we have created a patrol vehicle inspection report template that you can import so mobile users can complete it during their shifts.


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