Creating grace periods for runsheets

Learn how to create grace periods for runsheets in Mobile Suite.



For patrol jobs, you have the ability to enter grace periods before and after the patrol hit. By default, security guards can begin a job 45 minutes or less before the start of the job and finish the job 15 minutes or less after the scheduled end time of the job.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome


Creating grace periods for runsheets

To create a grace period for job settings:

  1. Click the Settings tile.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select the Mobile & Dispatch option.
  4. Select an option for Allow runsheet task grace periods.
    • Choosing Yes will allow adding a grace period onto the predefined job times.
    • Choosing No would use the default grace periods (45 minutes job start and 15 minutes after end time)
    • Choosing Not enforced would ignore the scheduled time for the job yet still display the period.
  5. Select SAVE.


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