Schedules & Attendance: Skills & Attributes and Positions

Although you can use them on their own, Skills and Attributes are an important aspect of scheduling. They can be certifications or permits, and they can be skills the employee has or items the employee possesses, such as uniforms. You can assign Skills and Attributes individual guards. Then, set the skills and attributes for a position. Guards will only be able to work at positions where they have the necessary skills and attributes. 

The advantages of using skills and attributes include:

Schedules: Only see employees that meet the combination of compliance for the post/position. Most likely, these compliances will be a requirement from the client that is receiving the service. I.e., site-specific training, firearm license, First aid/CPR training,

Legal Reasons: Depending on the country, state, province, or area, your employees will be working. This will help by making sure they meet the minimum requirements to work for the Security Company. I.e., Security Guard Card, Driver’s License, Languages.

Employee Management: With our date fields, you will ensure that all employees renew their certifications on time. TrackTik will warn admin users of soon-to-expire skills and attributes. Default settings will warn the admin 30 days before the expiry date. This setting can be modified to increase or decrease the number of days before a warning is triggered.

Growth for employees: This will help you promote the right employees in their current roles and toward new roles.

Creating Skills & Attributes

Please see the article on creating, assigning, and managing Skills and Attributes for more information.

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