Lone Worker: Call-in Time Keeping Settings

In this section, you can further simplify and tweak lone worker check-in settings. The sections below describe additional Lone Worker configuration options.


Phone Time Keeping Settings

Restrict to Phone Number List: This option restricts check-ins to specific phone numbers. When set off, guards can check in from any phone number.

Enable Lone Worker Requests: Use this option to enable lone worker check-ins.

Consider Late After Number of minutes after which check-in is considered late.

Lone Worker Automatic Check Call: Enable this option to have the guard receive a call if they have not checked in at the scheduled time.

Note: The system automatically calls if the guard has not checked in. If the administrator leaves the field blank, a system default of 5 minutes will be confirmed as a grace period.


Add A Restricted Call-in Number

Phone Number: Add the phone number for the landline that the officers will be required to use. The "*" can be used as a placeholder for any value. This is useful if the officer can call from different property landlines. If all the property phones start with the same numbers, the "*" can be used as any value. For example, if an office building has ten phones, the officer could use, and all starting with (614)335-****, the "*" will allow any number in their place.

Description: Add a description for the landline. For example, "1st Floor Server Room A."

Click on the add phone button to add the number as an authorized number for the site.

Note: Restricting a number in the 'Restrict to phone number list' does not prevent someone from clocking in. However, it does generate a system exception to notify admins that a user is called in from an unauthorized number.


Removing Restricted Call-in Numbers

If a number needs to be removed, click on the [Delete] button in the same row as the number. This will delete the phone number from the authorized numbers.


Viewing Lone Worker Check-ins

From the Live Dashboard, you verify Lone Worker check-ins from the attendance tab.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

The dots represent scheduled check-ins.

Red: Missed check-in.

Grey: Upcoming check-in.

Blue: Check-in completed.

The same view is available within the scheduling module under Attendance Watch.


View Late Check-in System Exceptions

When a Lone Worker check-in is late, It will create a system exception ticket. To view late Lone Worker check-in tickets:

Select the Operations Reports tab from the Live Dashboard.

Select the System Exceptions tab.



To view the ticket, select the View button.



Update the ticket according to actions taken.



Ticket From: Enter comments on actions taken.

Change Ticket Status: Update the status.

  • New Ticket: The ticket has not been updated or resolved.
  • Pending/Attention Required: The ticket has been looked at, and action is required.
  • Resolved: The ticket has been resolved.

Click the Save button when updates are complete.

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