Patrols: Setting up a Price Tier (Patrol Group)

Follow the instructions to set up a patrol group or price tier.

Note: Many Price Tier settings drive how you bill your client for patrols. Billing is covered in detail in the BackOffice Service Suite Manual. 

Click the Patrol Price Tier button.

Click on the Create Price Tier button, where you will configure the details.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Price Tier

Name: Enter a name to represent the price tier or patrol group

Code/ID Optional: If you do not enter one, the system will assign one.

Service Model: Although these are primarily important for billing purposes, it is best practice to set this up correctly even if you will not be invoicing with TrackTik.

Choose from: 

  • Scheduled Patrols (Enforce Service Periods): With this model, you bill your client for scheduled patrols, and the client receives an invoice for the period in which the patrols were completed. 
  • Scheduled Patrols (Ongoing Services): Bill your customer for scheduled patrols and send them an invoice any time after the patrols are completed.
  • Dispatch Service Model: You will bill your clients per dispatch.

Instructions Details: If there is data that the system admin should be aware of, enter it here. This is not visible to the guards. 

Service Dates

Begin Date: Enter the date for which the system is to begin to include the patrol jobs into runsheets as well as invoicing clients.

End Date: If there is a known end date for this price tier, enter it here. If it is not known, leave it blank. The system will use the contract end date if no end date is selected. 

Other Charges

Fuel surcharge: For use with the billing module—a percentage surcharge for fuel.

Invoice Line Item Label: Use this if you would like to add additional information to the line item.

Patrol Billing

Contract: Link the patrol group to a contract.

Bill Item: Select the bill item for the patrols.

Discount: Percentage discount, if applicable.

Charge Type: Select the method you will use to bill your customer. Select from:

  • Actual (Completed Patrols): Bill your customers for those patrols that have been completed.
  • Actual/Time Matrix: Bill for actual patrols and according to time spent.
  • Contracted (Planned Patrols): Bill a contracted rate for scheduled patrols.
  • Flat Rate: Bill your client per patrol.
  • Prepaid Bank (Dispatch Only): Bill your client for a pre-paid bank of patrols.

Holiday Rate Type

Do Not Charge Holiday: Select this option if you will not charge holidays differently.

Rate Multiplier: Select this option to enter a rate multiplier for holidays.

Per Patrol Holiday Rate: Select this option to enter a per patrol rate to apply on holidays.

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