Creating site instructions

Learn how to create site instructions for your default site and job settings in Mobile Dispatch.



With these settings, you can enter specific instructions for each job type. Information commonly stored here may include instructions on duties and specific site locations to check or access information such as a security code. This information will be visible to the users as they do their patrols.

There are two types of instructions: default site and job settings. In job settings, you can also create grace periods.

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Creating site instructions

Default site

To create site instructions for a default site:

  1. From the Mobile Dispatch Settings menu within a specific site, select the Default Site Instructions option.

  2. Enter the desired default site instructions in the form.
  3. Once completed, click Save to create the job instructions.

Job settings

To create site instructions for job settings:

  1. From the Mobile Dispatch Settings menu within a specific site, select the Job Settings & Instructions option.

  2. Select the job/service type and click on Edit Instructions. Enter the desired details/information in the form.
    • Job Instructions: Fill in specific information for the guard about the site/job.
    • Request a checkpoint tour: Require a checkpoint to be done when the job is performed. Select from a list of tours configured at the site.
    • Dispatch Billing Model: If the job is dispatchable, you can select a billing model if you use TrackTik to bill your clients for dispatches.
    • Dispatch SLA: Select either the default SLA or a job-specific SLA.
    • Enable Client Service Request: Choose whether to allow the client to make service requests. 
  3. Select Save.


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