Bulk Assignments: Overview

Bulk assignments allow you to complete specific actions on multiple sites, zones, departments, and employees at the same time. This saves time when performing actions such as assigning sites to zones, assigning employees to sites, zones and departments, and more.

Bulk Changes To Sites

  1. Click on the Sites (Client) tile.
  2. Select the sites to which you would like to apply the change.
  3. Click the Bulk Change button.
    • Edit: Change the status of the sites to Active, Closed, or Deactivated.
    • Move: Move the sites to a new region, if applicable.
    • Change Type: Change sites to a Client, a Multi, or a Site of a client.
    • Assign to Zone: Bulk assign sites to a zone.
    • Geocode: Use this option to geocode sites in bulk.
    • Assign to User: Assign sites to a specific user.
    • Assign Multi-Site's employees to their sub-sites: Assign the users assigned to a Multi-Sites to the sub-sites of that Multi.

Bulk Changes To Employees

  1. Click on the Employees tile.
  2. Check the Employees to whom you would like to apply the change
  3. Click the Bulk Change button.
    • Edit: Update the employee status to Active or Terminated and/or force a password change.
    • Move: Move the employees to a new region.
    • Assign To Site or Zone: Bulk assigns the employees to a site or zone. You can also type the name of a department and bulk assign the employees to a department.
    • Assign To Employee Class Rate: Bulk assign the employees to an employee class.

You can also bulk assign multi-site employees to sub-sites. Please refer to this article to learn how to do so.

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