General Settings

In TrackTik, you can manage various settings in General Settings.

  • Includes but is not limited to:
    • The shift Grace period, 
    • Late Clock-in Alert,
    • Expiring skill warning set-up 
    • GPS rate, 
    • Emergency and Company contact numbers.

Review the general settings and specify appropriate information and parameters.

For more information on the Scheduling-related settings, please see the Schedules & Attendance: Default Settings.


By clicking on the menu links, administrators with enough permissions can configure specific options.


Auto Clock Out

As an admin, you can set the threshold for auto clock-out. Use the General settings view field to set the new threshold in hours. At this threshold, the auto clock-out process will check the time of the employee's last activity. The work session will end at that time.


Note: Enter a number between 1 hour and 24 hours. The shift details view will flag the clock-out as a System Auto/Clock-out. If you are not currently using this feature, the defaults will remain the same: 6 hours limit for scheduled shifts and 15 hours for unscheduled shifts. If the field is left blank, the defaults will apply.




Set the specific parameters for employee ID cards

  1. Click on General.
  2. Choose whether Employee ID cards should be portrait or landscape orientation.
  3. Choose the width of the ID card in millimeters.
  4. Choose the ID card height in millimeters.
  5. Enter the length of the ID card.
  6. Enter the number of days for


Patrol And Security

Use this tab to set up your emergency contact numbers.

Emergency Number (911)  and Company Emergency Number: Will be available at each site to be selected as Emergency Contacts.
Please view Security & Patrol: Emergency Contacts for more information on emergency Contacts.
Report Settings Mode: Zone-Based Settings

Zone-Based Reporting provides a way to assign reports to multiple sites. All of the
selected zone reports will be made available to sites that belong to the zone.

Since sites
can belong to multiple zones, it may be required to set up zones solely to make reports available to the correct sites. Any reports set to "On-Demand" will be available to be assigned from a zone. 

Mobile App Options

Use this section to set watch mode video quality and configure Sonim devices if you use this mobile device.




In this section, you can configure your GPS settings


GPS Default Rate: This indicates how often TrackTik will ping the users' devices. The more often the devices are pinged, the higher the battery use.

Accepted Accuracy: Select the number of meters margin to be considered in range.

GPS Service Used: Select from GPS service only, or high precision mode, which leverages data and wifi, if available.

Show Accuracy: If set to Show, a green circle will appear on the map indicating the guard's position within the accuracy range set.


Summary Reports

Select the desired formats for daily and weekly summary reports. Choose from PDF or embedded in the email.4bfea520-da36-4c5a-80cd-c89ab6a16a62.png


Choose to hide or show $0 invoice lines.




Select your primary currency for invoices.



Incident Categories

Choose to display incident categories with or without a code.



Maps Settings

Choose if you want to display guard icons on the map or user profile pictures to indicate positions.



Lone Worker

Select the acceptable window of time to accept lone worker calls.


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