HR & Payroll: Pre-Process Payrun Warning vs Blocking Errors

You can pre-process a pay run from the Prepare Payrun menu option. Then, click on the “Details / Prepare” button.

Filter the data to find the pay run you want to pre-process. Filters include Pay Schedule, Regions (if your portal is set up this way), and date range.

Based on your progression in the 3 steps process, you will see a status changing. This way, you can easily keep track of where you left off for each one of them.


Once you have selected a payrun, click the Pre-process Payrun button.


After clicking the Preprocess Payrun button, you may encounter the following error types:

Warning Errors: Information that is good to know but not necessarily an issue. Warnings will allow you to keep processing your payroll. Here is a list of items that could generate this type of errors:

  • The shift was left vacant or on the shift board
  • A shift has over 12 hours
  • Ad hoc earning item: TRAV / Travel Expense Reimbursement
  • Schedule Shift is covered by salary.
  • Approved hours are less than 50% of the scheduled ones
  • A shift is over 1 hour than the scheduled time
  • Hourly Rate is high – over $35/hour
  • Hourly Rate is low – Below $5/hour
  • Hourly Rate zero. The shift will not be paid to the employee

Blocking Errors: A blocking error is something critical; it won’t let you proceed until you resolve it​. Here is a list of items that generate this type of error:

  • A shift is not approved
  • The shift does not have a pay rate

Note: When you run your payroll, you can view your employees’ shifts in their home region and external regions as well. 

The benefit: Administrators, your back office, supervisors, and security personnel have more transparency on their payroll for correct processing. 


  • Pay run with employees working in a region with sub-regions 
  • Region A has sub-regions A1, A2, A3  
  • User 1 lives in region A 
  • User 1 performs shifts in region A & sub-regions A1, A2, A3 
  • When running payroll for region A, all the performed shifts for User 1 in the regions/sub-regions (A, A1, A2, A3) are calculated 
  • All unapproved shifts for User 1 in sub-regions A1, A2, and A3 will be displayed as an error for the payroll user to resolve (see the following image)  
  • When approving shifts from an external region, the region & site name(s)  where the shifts were performed are displayed. 

When all blocking errors will have been resolved, you will be able to proceed to the next step.


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