Assigning patrols and jobs to a runsheet

Learn how to assign patrols and jobs to a runsheet in Mobile Dispatch.



Once you create patrols or jobs, you can assign them to a runsheet.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome


Assigning patrols and jobs to a runsheet

To assign a patrol or jobs to a runsheet:

  1. From the Live Dashboard, select the Mobile Dispatch tab.Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  2. Select the "Zone Settings" option from under the Settings header.Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  3. From the "Select a Zone" drop-down list select the zone the Runsheet will be associated with.Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  4. Then under the Runsheet Assignment &Details, select auto assign tours or manually assign the correct Runsheet under the column labeled Runsheet on the far right.Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome


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