Learn about runsheets and cancel jobs in the Runsheets Overview

Learn about runsheets and cancel jobs in the Runsheets Overview.



In Mobile Dispatch > Runsheets Overview, you can see a general overview of your runsheets.
The Runsheets Overview:
  • Provides name, position, and when patrols are scheduled to begin and end. 
  • Status of patrol progress. 
  • The officer was assigned to the patrol.
  • Use the Info button to see further details of each of the individual patrols—these link to the completed reports.
  • If the Runsheet is presently in progress, the Continue button will be visible. 
  • If currently scheduled to begin, You can start it from a Browser by selecting the Start button.


Cancel runsheets in the Runsheets Overview

To cancel a runsheet in the Runsheets Overview:

  1. To cancel the entire runsheet, you will need to navigate the Runsheets Overview section Under Mobile Dispatch.
  2. Click Cancel next to all runsheets except completed ones. Selection between "set as missed" or "set status to reassign" will need to be made for each job on the selected runsheet.

Canceling jobs

Individual jobs can be canceled when you are in the Info panel of the job.

To find the Info panel and cancel a job:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Mobile Dispatch > Patrols Overview.
  2. Select the Info button.
  3. Select Cancel Patrol.

Note: Runsheets scheduled, either in the past or the future, will not have an option available to start or continue. 

Note: Runsheets support multiple concurrent users. The first officer to log in to the Runsheet will be listed, but the individual jobs will indicate who completed each patrol and its associated report.

Note: In order to take advantage of the feature as a mobile app user it is required to have the following application Versions:
Android: 5.12.3 and up
iOS: 3.10.2 and up


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