Translate incident categories, parent categories, or groups/industries

Learn how to translate categories and groups/industries in Guarding Suite.



Help ensure your security officers understand their tasks by creating custom categories and groups/industries that are translated.


If you haven’t translated your categories or groups/industries, these show in the Guard Tour Mobile App report as your set default language.


To learn more about setting a default language for your report template, check out Creating/Modifying the Report Template.

Before you start

Here are some things you must do before you start:

  • Make sure you have the right permissions to create and edit reports turned on:
    1. Log into your TrackTik Portal.
    2. In the navigation menu, select Settings.
    3. Under General Configurations, select Roles & Security.
    4. Select Admin Portal Roles > Administrator.
    5. Expand the Patrol folder and select all permissions related to creating and editing reports.
    6. In the Roles side panel, select Admin Portal Roles > Manager.
    7. Expand the SystemConfig folder and select System Global Settings.

      To learn more about roles and permissions, check out Roles and Security.

Translate incident categories, parent categories, and groups/industries

To set up multiple language support for your incident categories, parent categories, or groups/industries:

  1. Log into your TrackTik Portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, select Settings.
  3. In Operation Configurations, choose Incident Categories. Select the Parent Categories tab if you want to translate a parent category. If you want to translate a group or industry, select the Groups / Industries tab.
  4. Select the Globe icon.

    To turn on the Globe icon:
    1. Select Edit.
    2. In the Default language dropdown menu, select a default language; this is required.
    3. In the Support multiple languages dropdown menu, select Yes.
    4. Select Save.
  5. In the Language dropdown menu, select the language in which you translate the incident category, parent category, or group/industry.
  6. Enter the translated text for each field.

    You can also do this for your sub-forms.
    If you change the original text of the form, make sure to change the translation, too.
  7. Select Save.

When an employee completes a report with an incident category, parent category, or group/industry, it now shows as the translated language.

If you don’t translate the text, the field shows in the default language set when you create the category or group/industry. If the translation is supported in the category or group/industry, the employee can see it in their preferred language. If the language isn’t supported, the category or group/industry goes back to the set default language.


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