Installing TrackTik Guard Tour

Learn how to install the TrackTik Guard Tour mobile application on  Android and  iOS. 



TrackTik Guard Tour allows checkpoint tracking, form completion, and alerts on your employees' mobile devices. Follow the steps below to install the mobile application and connect your staff to your TrackTik portal.


Before you start

Here are some things you must do before you start:

  • You need access to the Live Dashboard and the mobile device.


  • Verify that you have sufficient wifi and data coverage.
  • Get the phone number for the device (if applicable; not required).


Understand requirements for mobile devices

To ensure you get the best functionality from TrackTik's Guard Tour app, check the following:

For Android devices For Apple devices


Add your TrackTik URL to the mobile device

Your TrackTik portal name (or URL) is the unique web address provided to your organization for accessing TrackTik. You can find it in the address bar of your web browser after opening TrackTik on your desktop.

  • Enter your URL for your TrackTik Portal in the "Server URL" field.
  • Make sure to keep the "https://" in the URL. 
  • If you receive the 'Unrecognized server response' error message, the Server URL filed is likely entered incorrectly (i.e., www instead of https://)


Create a new device

You can create devices for Sites or Zones. Whether for a Site or Zone, creating a device follows the same process:

  1. For a site, select Site List. For a zone, choose Site Zones
  2. Select Security & Patrol from the site/zone profile.
  3. Select Devices & Licenses from the Patrol menu.
  4. Select Create Device.



Add a description and phone number

Accurately describing your devices allows you to manage them better as your organization grows.

To add a description and phone number:

  1. Description: You can provide a brief description of the device for reference.
  2. Phone Number: If you associate the device's phone number with its license, you can use the phone number as an installation code.
  3. Position: Select the position from the drop-down menu that will be using the device.




Enter the newly created installation code

To ensure that your mobile device communicates with your TrackTik portal, you must enter the installation code information created in the portal into the corresponding field on your device.

To enter a new installation code:

  • Start by locating the newly created license in your list of Devices & Licenses.
  • The new license should have an "Unused" status.
  • Locate the corresponding "Installation Code."
  • Then, enter the code in the appropriate field on the mobile device.
  • Confirm your TrackTik URL and the installation code, and Install. 

Once URL and installation code are installed, the mobile application will prompt for a Username and Password.  

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