Using the Home dashboard

Learn how to use the Home dashboard in Data Lab.



Use the Home dashboard to navigate your insights and collections.datalab-homedashboard.png


Using the Home dashboard

 When you log into Data Lab, the Home dashboard shows by default.datalab-homedashboard.png

If you need to go back to your home dashboard, in the navigation menu, select Home.datalab-navmenu-home.jpeg

The Home dashboard has different areas:

  • Predefined Dashboards
    Select any of the predefined dashboard groups that are organized by business functions, so you can focus on the data that matters most.datalab-predefineddashboards.png

    By default, there are three dashboard groups:
    • HR Dashboards
      This collection has four dashboards:
      • Employee Performance
      • Workforce Profile
      • Employee Compensation
      • Payroll and Worked Hours
    • Revenue Dashboards
      This collection has three dashboards:
      • Revenue And Cost
      • Accounts And Contracts
      • Overtime Cost
    • Operations Dashboards
      This collection has four dashboards:
      • Incidents
      • Dispatch
      • Checkpoint Scans And Tours
      • Schedules And Shifts
  • My Insights
    This area shows you any folders, widgets, and dashboards. Your most recently created projects are shown first.datalab-myinsights.jpeg

  • Create your first dashboard
    This area has a step-by-step guide on how to create your first dashboard.datalab-createyourfirstdashboard.jpeg

    Select + CREATE to get started.datalab-create-create.jpeg
  • Tutorials
    If you're not sure about widgets, dashboards, sharing, or TQL, select a video tutorial in this area to help you get started.datalab-tutorials.jpeg


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