Download a Data Lab dashboard as a PDF

Learn how to download your Data Lab dashboards as PDFs, so you can share them with your stakeholders.


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Improve how you share data by turning Data Lab dashboards into a PDF that you can show your stakeholders.



Download a Data Lab dashboard as a PDF

To download your dashboards and widgets as a PDF:

  1. Log into Data Lab.
  2. Select My Insights.
  3. Browse through your folders and select a dashboard or widget, or select a dashboard or widget from your Views area.
  4. In the upper right, select the Download icon or button.
    A loading message appears; this takes a few moments to complete.

  5. In the Options panel, edit your report options:
    • Include a cover page
      Select this option to include a cover page.
      To learn more about updating your logo, check out Settings: Company Information
    • Title
      Change the report title.
  6. If you change any options, in the center of the report or the side panel, select UPDATE.
  7. Select DOWNLOAD.

The file is now downloaded to your device.

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