Navigating Data Lab

Learn how to start navigating Data Lab by using the navigation bar, navigation menu, and how to resize the navigation side panel.



The navigation bar is at the top of Data Lab. In this bar, you can navigate to areas of Data Lab and start creating dashboards, widgets, and TQL queries.



Navigating Data Lab

Navigating Data Lab by using the navigation bar, navigation menu, and resize the navigation side panel to help with your Data Lab experience.


Using the navigation bar

The navigation bar is at the top of Data Lab.


To expand or collapse the navigation menu, select the Menu icon.

To create a new dashboard, widget, or TQL query, select+ CREATE.

To learn more about TrackTik Query Language, check out Using the TrackTik Query Language (TQL) Playground.


To search your insights, enter text into the Search insights box. A drop-down menu shows any related results in your Predefined Dashboards or My Insights area.

This search shows certain types of content:

  • Widgets
  • Dashboards

To switch from light mode to dark mode, select the Moon icon.

To expand your view of Data Lab, select the Full-screen icon.

To set your preferred language or to sign out, select the Account icon.


Using the navigation menu

The navigation menu is on the left side of Data Lab. In this menu, you can go to the different areas of Data Lab.


Select Home to go to the main home view and navigate your workspaces.

To see dashboards, widgets, or TQL queries you created in the past, select My Insights.

To see your folder and its contents, select the Arrow icon.


To see any dashboards or widgets that are shared with you, select Shared with me.

To learn more about sharing permissions, check out Sharing a widget or dashboard.


To see any archived dashboards or widgets, select Archive.

To navigate TQL features in Data Lab, in the navigation menu, select TQL-specific areas from the TQL menu.


To go to the TQL library to see all available data models, functions, and relative dates, select Data Model Library.

To use the command prompt to write, test, and save TQL queries, select TQL Playground.

You can use the Support area to help you with problems with Data Lab.


To navigate to support documentation for Data Lab, select Help.

To send TrackTik your ideas for product improvements, select Feedback.


Resizing the side panel

Hover over and drag the side panel to make it wider and narrower.



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