Create and copy dashboards

Learn how to create and copy dashboards in Data Lab.



Dashboards have a selection of widgets that help you monitor and communicate the status of your key performance indicators. 

Copying a dashboard helps to speed up your dashboard creation workflow. For example, if you have different stakeholders tracking similar key performance indicators with minor differences, you can create copies and edit them to fit stakeholder needs.


Creating and copying dashboards

After you create a dashboard, learn how to copy it to save you time.


Creating a dashboard

To create a dashboard in Data Lab:

  1. In the navigation bar, select+ CREATE.
  2. Select New Dashboard.
  3. Choose a dashboard template, or select COPY FROM EXISTING to select a dashboard that exists and save the copy to a destination folder.
  4. Name your dashboard and give it a description by selecting the Untitled Dashboard box.
  5. Select APPLY.
  6. SELECT A WIDGET and drag a widget into an available widget window.
    If you want to create a new widget, select NEW in any widget window. Any widget you create is saved to the dashboard and not in any other folder. To learn more about creating a widget, check outCreating and configuring widgets.
  7. Modify your dashboard to fit your needs:
    • To change the look of a row, use the Row Settings:
      • To add a column, select the Left or Right icon.
      • To add a row, select the Up or Down icon.
      • To delete a row, select the X icon.
      • Select from the Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large icons to resize your widget windows.
      • To organize your dashboard widgets, use the Drag and drop icon. Drag the dashboard widget to switch places with your other dashboard widgets.
        To drag and drop a widget, make sure the configuration panel is closed.
    • To add a tab to a widget window, select the + icon. Create multiple tabs to stack widgets inside a single widget window. Tabs will resize automatically. You can hover over them to see the full title.
    • Select the Trash icon to delete a single widget window and all its content.
    • To edit the widget in a widget window, select the Gear icon.
  8. To filter your dashboard or widget data, select a top filter. As you apply your top filters, Data Lab shows them above your dashboard or widget. You can see a count of the top filters applied. 
    Use the arrow to show them and clear any or all of them as needed. You can select from three filter types:
    • Date Range
      To filter your dashboard by date, select the Date Range dropdown menu. Choose from preset date ranges in the PRESETS tab, or create your own custom date range in the DATE RANGE tab. When you're done, select APPLY.
    • Region
      To filter your dashboard by region, select the Region dropdown menu and choose one or multiple regions from the list. You can also select the Tree icon to see your regional and sub-regional structure and choose to exclude inactive regions. Selecting a region within the tree will also select all associated sub-regions. You can expand the tree to see and deselect any sub-regions you don’t need. When you're done, select APPLY.
    • Account
      To filter your dashboard by account, select the Account dropdown menu and choose one or multiple accounts from the list. You can scroll through the list or Type to search...
      You can also select the Filter selected toggle to show your top filters. When you turn this toggle on, there's a breakdown of what was selected.
      When you're done, select APPLY.

      To save your top filter items as default, select SET FILTERS AS DEFAULT.


      To see this option, you must be inEdit modefor the dashboard or widget. This option doesn't appear in View mode for dashboards or widgets.

      If you share a widget or dashboard with top filters that were set as defaults and recipients don't have access to them, they get an error.

      To remove your default filters, select REMOVE DEFAULT.

  9. To save your changes, select SAVE.

Your dashboard is now available in the My Insights area.


Copying a dashboard

To copy a dashboard in Data Lab:

  1. From the navigation menu, select My Insights.
  2. If you're using a PC, right-click on the item, or select the three dots icon in the same row as the item.
  3. Select Duplicate.
  4. Choose a destination folder.
  5. Select SAVE TO FOLDER.

The copied dashboard now appears in your My Insights area. If you copied the dashboard to a folder, you can find it there.


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