Using the Data Model Library

Learn how to use the Data Model Library in Data Lab.



With the Data Model Library, navigate between Data Models, Functions, and Relative Dates to help you create a dashboard in the TrackTik Query Language (TQL) Playground that meets your business insight needs.


For more in-depth details about Data Models, Functions, and Relative Dates, check out Using the TrackTik Query Language (TQL) Playground.


Using the Data Model Library

When you log into Data Lab, select Data Model Library from the navigation side panel.


Data Models

Expand the Data Models library to find all available TQL endpoints. Use the attributes that make up the objects to help answer your business questions.



Expand the Functions collection to find all available functions that can be used with queries to do calculations. Functions are great because you can gather more valuable and comprehensive business intelligence from what is queried.


Relative Dates

Expand the Relative Dates collection to see how you can simplify writing the date as a string. You can use relative dates for a wherestatement in your TQL query.


Search Objects box

You can also enter text into the Search Objects box to find objects.


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