Run and save a query in the TrackTik Query Language (TQL) Playground

Learn to run and save a query in the TQL Playground in Data Lab.



You can run queries in the TQL Playground and save them as widgets.

TQL uses API endpoints

Remember that TQL queries use TrackTik API endpoints. To learn more about the TrackTik API, go to ://{yourportalurl}/rest/v1, where {yourportalurl} is the URL you use to access TrackTik.


Run a query in the TQL Playground

To start using the TQL Playground to run a query:

  1. In the navigation menu, select TQL Playground.

  2. Select the Data Models, Functions, or Relative Dates menu to explore how you can query data. You can enter text into the Search Objects box to find objects.
    If the title is cut off in the data sources panel, you can resize it. To resize the data sources panel, hover over the edge of the panel and drag it to the left or right.
  3. Using the objects from step 2, enter your TQL query into the command prompt.
    Suggested tips

    To see a list of available functions or fields based on where you are at in your query, select ctrl+space. This works for PC and Mac.

    To add comments to your query, enter/* [Leave your comment text here] */.

  4. If you write the TQL query with the correct syntax, select APPLY to see the results.


Save your TQL query as a widget

To save your TQL query as a widget, select SAVE AS WIDGET. The TQL query is now available as a widget in the My Insights area.



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