Create a TrackTik Query Language (TQL) Query Widget

Learn how to create a TQL Query Widget in Data Lab



There are a few advantages to running your query in the TQL Query Widget rather than the TQL Playground:

  • You can use filters rather than adding where statements in your queries.
  • You can view archived/historical items.
  • You can ignore syntax validation.


Create a TQL Query Widget

To create a TQL Query Widget:

  1. Log into Data Lab.
  2. Select + CREATE.
  3. Choose New TQL Query.
  4. Enter your TQL query.
    To learn more about creating a TQL query, check out X.
  5. Select APPLY to make sure the query is correct.
  6. In the Enter widget title... box, enter a title for the widget.
  7. Select SAVE AS WIDGET
  8. Choose SAVE.

The widget is now available in your My Insights.


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