Report Templates

You can set up custom templates for your guards to use while working in the field. Guards will use these templates to capture information about incidents and other events.

You can also create report templates for specific clients and assign them to those sites.

To categorize and customize your report templates, you can create report template categories and group your templates according to the types of clients you have

Under Settings > Report Templates, you will find the templates you have already created, and you will be able to create new ones. You can also modify and delete existing report templates.

Adding an incident category field to all your report templates is the best practice to make Incident Analytics more powerful.

  1. New Custom Report: Create a new report template for employees to fill out.
  2. New Category: Create a new category to organize your report templates better.
  3. Print Template List: Print a list of your report templates in PDF format.
  4. Import Template Package: Click this button to paste a string you can use to import an existing report template. You can find a list of report templates here.
  5. Bulk Change: Edit your report templates in bulk. Using this option, you can make all of your report templates active or archive them with the click of a button.
  6. Global: If the template is global, it is available in all regions.
  7. Name: The name of the report template.
  8. Category: If you have assigned a report template to a category, the category's name will be visible here.
  9. View By: This field indicates whether the template is available to all accounts, specific accounts, or on demand.
  10. Region: The region in which the template resides.
  11. Count: The number of times this report template has been completed.


Edit: Click this button to edit the parameters of the form, such as the accounts it is assigned to, whether it is approved automatically, whether it triggers a notification, and whether, after it has been filled out, it can only be viewed by administrators. Please see this article for more information on the fields to fill out when creating or editing a form template.

Field Set Up: Use this button to add, modify or remove fields in your report template. Please see this article for more information on setting up field templates.

Language Button: Click this button to translate each report field into the desired language.

For more information on setting up report templates, please see this chapter.

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