Dispatch to an existing location

Select this option to dispatch to an existing location.

Search for an Account:
This will search for an existing account for the dispatch.

  • [+]: If the search value is not found by selecting the [+], the system will transfer the information entered to the New Address section.
  • Search criteria include: 
    • UID
    • Company Name
    • Address
    • City
    • Contract

UID: UID of the site.

Company Name: The name of the company.

Address: The address that is being used for dispatch that is associated with the site.

City: The city of the company.

Contract: The [Code/ID] of the contract associated with the site.

Note: This is not applicable unless billing is being used.

  • Price Tier: The [Code/ID] of the price tier associated by default with the job type.
  • Regions: The UID of the region that the company is associated with.

Click on the company to select it as a dispatch address.

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