New Dispatch

The new dispatch feature will simplify the dispatch process and make it easier to view the status of dispatches in progress.

Click the New Dispatch button to display the dispatchable jobs.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

You can select the job type you would like to dispatch. You can filter the job types by name using the search bar. The name of the job type will appear at the top.

Existing Location: Dispatch to an existing location.

New Address: Select this option to create a new dispatch address.

Coordinates: Select this option if no address is available. This will allow the user to select a point on the map to dispatch to.

Search for an Account: This will search for an existing account to dispatch to.

  • [+]: If the search value is not found when selecting the [+], the system will transfer the information entered to the New Address section.
  • Search criteria include: 
    • UID
    • Company Name
    • Address
    • City
    • Contract

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