Setting up cancelation thresholds

Learn how to set up dispatch cancelation thresholds.



With TrackTik Controlling, canceled services are automated. This will help avoid billing clients who have canceled a service based on the specific cancelation threshold set for that client.


It will count down when dispatching a job to a site with the cancelation timer configured based on the price-tier cancelation timer. If the dispatch is canceled within the time frame of the cancelation timer, the services will not be billed for.


Setting up dispatch cancelation thresholds

To set up a dispatch cancelation threshold:

  1. Go to Sites (Client) and select a site.
  2. Choose Contracts.
  3. Select the Dispatch Service Models icon.
  4. To create a new price tier, select Create Price Tier or select an existing price tier.


  5. In the Cancellation Threshold box, enter the minutes that the client will have to cancel the service.
    Note: the start and finish of the cancelation timer will be applied to a status node of a workflow.
  6. Select Save.


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