Simple Dispatch

Simple Dispatch is a feature that is separate from the Mobile Suite module. It is a feature you can use to send basic tasks to guards and track their completion.

Follow the steps below to use Simple Dispatch.

From the Live Dashboard, click the Task Dispatch tab.

Click the New Task button.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Select a task type from the drop-down.

Note: You can select a general task, or you can select a dispatchable form.

Whichever option you select, you will have a list of fields to fill out.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Subject: Enter the description or reason for the dispatch.

Priority: Select from low, important or urgent.

Report Request: Select the report template for the guard to fill out or select No Report Request.

Dispatch Now: Dispatch the task immediately or select and date and time.

Job Duration: Enter the estimated number of minutes for task completion.

Assign To: Select the recipient of the task. The guard will receive a notification on their mobile device.

Customer: Select the site where the task should be completed.

Time Billable: This is a simple flag to indicate whether the time is billable to the client.

Details: Enter the details of the task. This will be visible to the guard on their mobile device.

Note: Once the task has been completed, it will be visible under the Task Dispatch tab.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

The dispatcher can manage the tasks from here, and, once completed, can view the report the guard filled out.

ID: The unique ID of the task.

Job Description: The name or description of the task.

Time: The date and time the task was opened.

Assign: Use this button to assign and re-assign tasks to guards.

Status: Change the status of the task by selecting from the drop-down.

Note: The dispatcher can change the status of the task at any time, even after task completion.

Edit: Edit the task.

View Report: Click this button to view the report attached to the dispatch.

The dispatch job will now be sent to the guard's mobile device for completion.

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