Mobile App: Mobile Device - How To Handle Tasks


You can use the dispatch tasks section to handle dispatches. Administrators can send dispatch tasks from the dashboard either using simple dispatch or the TrackTik Mobile Plus module. Guards receive and respond to the tasks on their mobile devices.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Whether the task is assigned using simple dispatch or Mobile Plus, the guard will follow the steps to complete the task. Tap the Dispatch Tasks icon to begin a task. Then, follow the steps below.

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Mobile Application - Google Docs - Google Chrome
  1. Navigate: If you have included an address, tapping the Navigate button will open Google maps and help the guard navigate to the site. 
  2. Fill out the Report: Access and fill out the report form included with the task or work order.

Note: Tasks have a status of "Accepted Pending" until the officer views and change the task status to received, on my way, or completed. ​

  1. Click the button to finish the job when you have completed the task. This will remove the job from the list.

Note: The Start Time Clock feature, which is not pictured, allows the guard to enter the start time of the job for billing purposes. Once the job is complete, the administrator can re-dispatch the job, if required.


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