Clock in and out for shifts and breaks

Clocking-in is important for timekeeping, but it also supports reporting in the system. For example, clocking in starts a shift in the system and makes it possible for the system to generate a shift report (Daily Activity Report) automatically. Properly logging breaks is equally important as it allows the shift report to continue.


Clock-In/Out to Begin or End a Shift

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To clock in/out, click on the time clock icon. Then, in the pop-up menu, you will have the option to clock in or clock out. When clocking out, there are two different options.

Clock Out: This option will allow the officer to clock out, but they will remain signed in to the mobile application.

Clock Out & Sign Out: This option will effectively clock out the user and sign them out of the mobile application. This option should be used whenever an officer is ending their shift.


How to Start A Break – No Break Rule

  1. Click on the time clock icon.
  2. From the pop-up menu, select the Start Break option.
  3. The colored dot on the time clock icon will switch to yellow while the officer is on break. A yellow notification bar will also be visible, indicating that the guard is on break.  To return from a break, click on the time clock icon again.


How to Start A Break – Break Rule

When a user takes a break with a scheduled position that has a break rule associated with it, two options appear:

  1. Meal Break
  2. Rest Break
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Choose the break type to start.

A yellow banner will display showing the following information:

  • Current Break: Rest Break or Meal Break
  • Elapsed Time and the Start Time
User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Mobile Application - Google Docs - Google Chrome


End a Break – Break Rule

Users can end their breaks by clicking on the break banner. Follow the steps below to do so.

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Select Click here to end this break.

The following pop-up message appears: 'Time Clock.' 

  • If the user chooses End Break, the break session will end.
  • The user can also clock out and sign out or clock out and stay signed in to the application.
  • If the user chooses Cancel, the break session will continue.

Break Reminders & Notifications

If a break is scheduled at a specific time, the system will send notifications based on the logic below:

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Start Break: Start the scheduled break immediately.

Snooze: Postpone the start of the break by 5 minutes, after which TrackTik will notify the user again up to 3 times.

Waive Break: The user chooses not to take the scheduled break. The user must enter a reason in a comment box.

If a guard waives a break, you can pay them for the break by adding the time in the pay override field when approving shifts.


Shift Summary Report

When a shift ends and the mobile user clocks out of the application, a new Shift Summary Report is automatically generated. Thus, the user can validate the work done at the end of their completed shift.


User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Mobile Application - Google Docs - Google Chrome
  • Agree: User confirms that he/she agrees with the shift summary report
  • Disagree: User must explain why he/she does not agree with the shift summary report

Privacy Policy Options - On Break/Clocked-Out 

The privacy policy options can limit, restrict or allow some activities on the app while the user is on shift.

Settings > Privacy Settings


When Permit the user to complete work is UNCHECKED

  • [During break/Clocked-Out], the user is only able to use the following:
    • Panic Button
    • Flashlight
      • Schedule
    • Teams
    • Time Clock
    • Sites
    • Lone Worker
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Watch Mode

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