Checking assets in and out and monitoring assets using TrackTik Guard Tour

Learn how to check assets in and out and monitor who has checked in and out assets using TrackTik Guard Tour.


Asset Tracking allows you to be sure you have the right equipment with you when you’re on site.  It enables you to manage items (such as keys) to ensure you have everything with you to do your job. You can know who has a particular item and when it is expected to be returned.

Scan an asset and view asset information in TrackTik Guard Tour

When your team has activated Asset Tracking on the portal, it’s available in the TrackTik Guard Tour menu the next time you sign in. 


Asset Tracking gives you three options when opened.

  • Scan an Asset Barcode
  • View Assets
  • View Persons


Scan an Asset Barcode works in the same way as scanning a barcode checkpoint. You must have the barcode scanner turned on in Settings > Barcode Scanner Settings.  If not, you can enter the barcode information manually.


Selecting View Assets shows you a list of all the available Assets and all Bundles(groups of assets).


To check out an asset, select Check-out. You can then fill out the asset checkout information:

  1. In the Person dropdown menu, select the person checking out the item..
  2. In the Expected date time picker, select the expected return date and time you should return the item.
  3. In the Comments box, enter any comments about the item.
  4. Select Check Out.


To return the asset, go to Asset Tracking > View Assets and select Check-In.


  • In the Person dropdown menu, select the person checking out the item.
  • In the Comments box, enter any comments about the item.
  • Select Check In.


You then get a confirmation that the asset is checked in.


See who has an asset in Asset Tracking

To find out who is using an asset and when it’s expected to be returned, in TrackTik Guard Tour, select ASSET TRACKING > View Persons


Select or search for the person to see which assets or bundles they have currently checked out.


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