Mobile App: Accessing Visitor Management


Employees using the Guard Tour mobile app can also have access to the visitor management module on their mobile devices. From the home screen, tap the visitor log icon.


Tapping the icon will make a list of options populate.

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Mobile Application - Google Docs - Google Chrome

View Current Visitors: View the list of visitors who are currently checked in.

Log-in a Visitor: Log a visitor into the site

1. On the mobile device, mandatory fields from the Visitor Type configurations can be skipped.
2. Blocked pre-authorized user list will appear
Note: The system will not stop checking them in. Only the On-site license log-in will.

Scan Driver’s License (US & Canada): This option allows the guard to check in a visitor by scanning the US or Canadian (format PDF 417) driver’s license.

Search Visitors: Search a list of checked-in visitors. Populating the list requires at least one character to be inputted into the search bar. You can access the visitor profile and history through the  Search Visitor menu.

Reload Visitor Settings: When an administrator changes a visitor setting, this option will allow the user to refresh the visitor data to show the most up-to-date information.


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