Some reporting features are accessible only with adequate permissions. The ability to view or edit existing reports is an example of one such functionality. Guards can fill out the reports by completing fields that consist of drop-down lists, radio buttons, text entries, and diagrams.

To fill out a report:

  1. Select the Reports and Logs icon.
  2. Select Create a Report.
  3. Fill in the fields

Once you complete the fields, select Send.

Incomplete Reports

The TrackTik mobile application makes it easy to manage reports that you had to temporarily stop filling out due to interruptions, such as incoming phone calls and text messages. Follow the steps below to use the incomplete reports feature.

  1. Tap the Reports and Logs icon to begin a new report.
  1. Select Create New Report.
  1. Select the template to fill out.
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  1. Begin filling out the report
  1. If you hit the back button, you will see a message asking what you would like to do with the incomplete report. You can either:
  • Complete the report later
  • Discard the report
  • Continue editing the report
  1. If you complete the report later, return later and tap the Reports and Logs icon, you will be given the option to resume an incomplete report.
  1. If you view the report template list, you will also see which templates have incomplete reports. Select the report to resume filling it out.


Browse Existing Reports

Follow the steps below to view existing reports at a site or zone.

  1. Click on Browse Site Reports. This option will also allow you to modify existing reports.
  2. Select the option to either view the reports you completed or view all reports. 
  3. Select the option to view or edit the selected report.
  4. Select the field(s) you would like to edit.
  5. Tap the Send button.

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