Post Vacant Shifts to Open Shift

Learn how to post Vacant Shifts to Open Shift, so your security officers can pick up work.



When you post Vacant Shifts to Open Shift, your security officers have access to them and can schedule themselves with your approval. This allows you to fill in any scheduling gaps faster and more efficiently


Post Vacant Shifts to Open Shift

To post Vacant Shifts to Open Shift:

  1. Log into your Admin Portal.
  2. Select Sites (Client) and select a site.
  3. Select Schedules > Prepare.
  4. Select any Vacant Shifts on the schedule.


    If there are no shifts, add a shift to the schedule. To learn more about adding a shift to the schedule, check out Schedules and Attendance: Creating Ad-Hoc (one time) or Non-Recurrent Shifts.
  5. In the right side menu, select Open Shift.

  6. When you have your Vacant Shifts changed to Open Shifts, select PUBLISH (# Shifts).
  7. Select Move Vacant Shifts to Open Shifts and Move Conflicts to Open Shifts.openshiftmoveconfirm.png
  8. Select Save.

The Open Shifts are now available for your security officers to pick up.


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