Dispatch the Job

You can dispatch the job now that you have captured the address details. Required fields are shown below:


User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Mobile Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome
  1. Job-Type: The name of the job to be dispatched.
  2. Send: Select this option to dispatch the job type. This button will be grey until all mandatory fields are filled out. The button will then turn blue.
  3. Information:
    • Name of the client with the UID.
    • Name of the primary contact with phone number.
    • The region with the UID.
    • The full address of the client.
  4. Billing & Client
    • Price Tier with Code/ID:  To be used with the Billing module only. Will be defaulted to the default price tier of the job type of the site.
  5. Instructions:
    • General: The default Site Instructions at the site.
    • Job-Type Instructions: The site's settings and instructions for the job type. The dispatcher can also add event-specific instructions, which will be displayed to the responder in the TrackTik Guard Tour mobile application.
  6. Task Instructions: Enter additional instructions to the user responding to the dispatch.
  7. Priority: The priority of the dispatch. Visible to the user.
  8. Custom ID of the Event: An additional ID to tag the event with. This will be visible to the user who is dispatched. The dispatcher can override the system-assigned event ID with a custom one.
  9. Dispatch Time:
    • Now: This will dispatch to the user now (default option)
    • Later: This will dispatch the user at a later date.
    • Reminder: When scheduled in the future, a reminder can be set to remind the assigned user or group many minutes before the event's scheduled time.
  10. Planned Duration in Minutes: For reference purposes only. Duration will be displayed to the user that is dispatched. 
  11. Assignment: Search for a user to dispatch to.
  12. Report: The report that is associated with the Job-Type.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Form Fields:
    • Reported By: The name of the guard filling out the report.
    • Type of Alarm: Select from the drop-down.
    • Alarm Description: Enter a description of the alarm.
    • Onsite Contact: Enter the name of the site contact.

  2. You can click Send when the form is complete.
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