Scan a GPS checkpoint

Like barcode and NFC checkpoints, GPS checkpoints can be scanned alone or as part of a tour.

  1. Click on the Checkpoint icon.
  2. Select the Start a tour option from the check menu.
  3. Select the tour from the list of tours.
  4. If you create a GPS checkpoint, it will have a note under the checkpoint's name. 

To scan the GPS checkpoint click on the name of the checkpoint. The GPS window will open to show all checkpoints that are within range. Click on the name of the checkpoint you would like to scan. The application will scan the checkpoint.

You can also scan a stand-alone GPS checkpoint.

  1. Click on the Checkpoint icon. ​
  2. Select the GPS Scan option.
  3. Select the GPS checkpoint you wish to scan.

Note: A notification will display red at the top of the screen, indicating how far away you are from the GPS checkpoint.

  1. A confirmation will display when you complete the scan and return you to the home screen.

Note: A green checkmark will appear next to the checkpoint once you have scanned it.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome
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