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Dispatch To A Vendor

This feature allows you to dispatch the job to a vendor. Once you have set up vendors, follow the steps below to dispatch to a vendor.

  • Under the Mobile Dispatch Tab, click the New Dispatch button, or select a dispatchable job from the list above the filters.
  • Select how you would like to dispatch the job (existing location, new address, or coordinates dispatch).
  • Select the site you are dispatching to.
  • Select the Vendors option in the right-hand window.
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  1. Vendors: Select this option to dispatch to a vendor.
  2. Search: Type to search for vendors.
  3. Vendor information:
    1. Vendor Name: The name of the vendor.
    2. Phone Number: The main phone number of the vendor.

[+]: This will assign the vendor to the dispatch.

The Vendor Receives The Dispatch

A vendor will receive the dispatched job either in the vendor portal, or via email.

When a vendor logs into the vendor portal, they will see a list of pending dispatch tickets.

Type: The type of job.

Time: The time the ticket was opened.

Account: The site associated with the dispatch.

Status: The current status node of the dispatch job.

Last: The date and time of the last action on the ticket.

Assignee: The name of the individual to whom the ticket is assigned.

View: Click this button to view more details about the ticket.

From here, then the status can be viewed or changed, and comments can be viewed and entered.


If a valid vendor email has been entered, the vendor can click on the Access Ticket button to proceed through all the steps of the workflow. This is the easiest and fastest way to access a ticket and perform the job.


Note: The link to the ticket contained in the email times out after an hour or two. After that, the only way to access the ticket is in the vendor portal.

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