Scan a Barcode Checkpoint

Just like NFC tokens, guards can scan barcodes at any time. You can enable or disable the barcode scan feature by going to:

Settings > Barcode Scanner Settings

If you disable the scanning setting, you will be prompted to enter the barcode information manually.


Follow the steps below to scan a barcode.

  1. Tap the checkpoints icon.
  2. Select the Scan a Barcode option.
  3. Position to phone over the barcode.


Note: There will be a checkpoint scan notification under the checkpoint, like NFC checkpoints. You also have the option to reload settings. When you select this option, you will refresh the checkpoint list and configurations. Any new checkpoints you added to the portal will become visible in the checkpoint list.


Recommended barcode types:

  • Aztec (alpha quality)
  • pdf417
  • code 39
  • code 128


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