Dispatch to specific coordinates


When you create a new dispatch, you may have a different address or wish to dispatch to a more precise location. TrackTik supports dispatching your mobile users to specific GPS coordinates with turn-by-turn directions.

Dispatch to coordinates

To dispatch your mobile users to specific coordinates, go to:

  • Mobile Dispatch
  • Select NEW DISPATCH (F2)
  • Choose a Task/Job Type. You can click on the appropriate icon or use the search bar.
  • Add a label: Label your dispatch so it can easily be identified.
  • Type an address to center the map: Enter the nearest street address to the dispatch location.
  • Move the map and zoom in to find a more precise location to position the pin.
  • The latitude and longitude are displayed below the map.
  • Choose SELECT to confirm the coordinates. The mobile user who receives the dispatch will receive driving directions to the location.

dispatch to coordinates.png

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