Mobile App: Team Icon

By accessing the Team Icon, users working at the site or zone can access a list of team members. furthermore, you can tap on any team member icon to call that team member if they have their phone number set in their profile.

Note: The Team icon must be activated in the user permission under

Settings > Roles & Security > Select the role(s) that you want to enable the Team icon > Patrol (folder) > Check 'Has access to the address book/"Team" icon on the mobile app'


Follow the steps below to use the Team Icon.

  1. Tap on the Team Icon.
  2. Select the team member from the list.

Note: You can search for a team member by entering a name in the search field.

  1. Select the option to call the team member.

Note: Administrators also have the option of configuring an NFC token that the guard can use to access the site.

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