Understanding clock-in methods

Learn about clock-in methods for Data Lab and what they do.


In Data Lab, an admin or an employee can use clock-in methods to view actions, like login, log out, clock in, clock out, start a break, and end a break in TrackTik Portal. The most common methods are DEVICE and SHIFT_APP because most security officers use their phones to start their shifts. Other methods could be LIVE, ADMIN, and KIOSK because an admin could start a shift for a security officer, or a security officer can start their shift using TrackTik Kiosk.


To learn more about TrackTik Kiosk, check out Kiosk.


Understanding clock-in methods using Data Lab

To find clock-in methods in Data Lab:

  1. Log into Data Lab.
  2. Select Data Model Library or TQL Playground.
  3. Go to Data Models > Core / Entities > work_sessions.
  4. Hover over clockInMethod. In the dialogue box, each method is listed:

    Method Description Value In use?
    LIVE When ending the work session by adding a break through the action AddBreak. 0 Yes
    DELAYED N/A 1 No
    DEVICE When using the Guard Tour Mobile App. 2 Yes
    ADMIN When using the Punch-in button in the shift detail card by an admin. 3 Yes
    PHONE When using the IVR system.  4 Yes
    BROWSER When using the Staff Portal. Is default when doing a clock in action through the API. 5 Yes
    BREAK N/A 6 No
    BATCH When using the batch time clock feature in TrackTik Cloud. Includes auto clock out. 7 Yes
    KIOSK When using Kiosk. 8 Yes
    SHIFT_APP When using TrackTik SHIFT App. 9 Yes
    API When using the API. Is set explicitly by the client.  10 Yes
    GUARD_APP Exclusive to Guard Tour Mobile App. 11 No


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