Send and receive reassign runsheet requests

Learn how to reassign runsheets and how to approve or decline a reassignment request.



If you’re an admin, you can allow officers to request runsheet reassignments. If you’re an employee, you can share tasks with others, in case you’re busy. It’s a great way to assign the most available people to do required tasks right away.

This feature is currently behind a VPN. Contact your customer service manager to turn it on. 


Before you start

Here are some things you must do before you start:

  • As an admin, make sure you turn on the required permission for each employee type:
    1. Log into your TrackTik Portal.
    2. Go to Settings > Roles & Security.
    3. Select the user you want to turn on permissions for.
    4. Choose the Mobileplus folder.
    5. Select Can request reassign to an “open/in progress” runsheet on mobile.
      Select Can force reassign to an “open/in progress” runsheet on mobile to force runsheet reassignment tasks.


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Send and receive reassign runsheet requests

You can choose to send a runsheet reassignment to other employees, in case you can’t finish a runsheet task.

To reassign a runsheet:

  1. Select RUNSHEETS.
  2. Choose an active runsheet.
  3. Select a task to reassign it.
  4. Choose Request Reassign.
  5. Select YES.
  6. In the Available Runsheets dropdown menu, select a runsheet.
    You can see who else is working on the runsheet; this is who the reassignment notification goes to.
  7. In the Reassignment reason box, enter the reason for the runsheet reassignment.
  8. Select Request Reassign.

A notification is sent to other available employees that are working on the same runsheet. The runsheet reassignment is now pending.


Other employees can choose to ACCEPT or DECLINE the request.


If an employee accepts the invitation, the task is removed from your list and is the responsibility of the employee who accepted the invitation.

If an employee declines the invitation, they can enter a reason in the Reason box and select DECLINE. The runsheet task is still in your runsheet assignment list.

If the runsheet reassignment stays pending for more than two minutes, the request is automatically declined. The runsheet task is still in your runsheet assignment list.


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