Use geofences to manage mobile clock-ins


Geofencing lets you set up a virtual barrier using the Global Positioning System (GPS). Mobile devices will send notifications when users are inside or outside a defined area. You can set up areas as allowed or restricted. One way to use geofences is to set up clock-in restrictions based on whether or not a user is within their boundaries.

Before you start

Here are a few things you need before you can manage clock-ins with a geofence:

  • Ensure you have the necessary permissions to create a geofence.
  • Create a site.
  • Create a geofence around the site.

Restrict clock-ins to within the boundaries of a geofence

Follow the steps below to force mobile users to clock in within the boundaries of a geofence. In your TrackTik portal:

  • Select Sites (Client)
  • Choose the site from List All Sites.
  • Click the Security & Patrol tab.
  • Select Mobile App Restrictions.
  • From the Geofence Clock-in Restrictions dropdown, choose either:
    • No GPS clock-in restriction
    • Permit clock-in and open a system exception when not in range—This allows mobile users to clock in regardless of their physical location but advises you (by creating a system exception ticket) if they aren't within the geofence's boundaries.
    • Block clock-in when not in range—This will prevent users from clocking in if their device's GPS location is outside the geofence's boundaries.
geofence clock in restrictions.png


Geofence clock-in restrictions are related to mobile app login restrictions.  Learn more about them here.


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