Tracking assets using NFC and barcodes

Combine NFC tags with Asset Tracking to manage your assets & equipment more efficiently.



Learn how to leverage the NFC functionalities on user devices to manage items in Asset Tracking.  


Before you start

Here are some things you must do before you start:

  • Contact your CSM to activate the Asset Tracking feature on your portal.
  • Ensure that you have already created Asset Types.
  • Create assets with Asset Batch Import.
  • You will need NFC tokens to associate with your assets.  You can order NFC tags from our partner here.


Configure user permissions

To read and write NFC tags for asset tracking, users need the following permissions (whether they have an Admin or Staff role):

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Roles & Security
  • Choose the role that needs permission.
  • Expand the AssetHub list of permissions.
  • Select the permission to Write nfc with device.

Write NFC tag settings.png

Write an NFC token for an asset or asset bundle

With the appropriate user permissions, users can write NFC tokens to associate them with an asset or an asset bundle.

  • On the mobile device, select Asset Tracking
  • Choose an asset or bundle from the list on the device.
  • Select Write NFC

    Write NFC on mobile.png
  • Scan the tag as demonstrated on your device.

    NFC tag direction.png
  • The tag is now written and associated with the asset or bundle.


Check items or bundles in and out using NFC tokens

Once an NFC token is associated with an asset or bundle, you can use the tag for more efficient management.

  • If an NFC is associated with an asset or bundle, scanning it will open the asset details screen.  Select Check In or Check Out, depending on the asset’s status.  
  • If an individual asset is part of a bundle and both have NFC tags (for example, a keychain where both the individual key and the keychain have a tag), scanning any tag will open the asset bundle screen.  To manage the individual asset, select it from the list of assets in the bundle.



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